Jonathan D. Jackson, Ph.D.

Instructor in Neurology

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

FILED UNDER:AD and Dementia Disparities Focused Research / Clinical Trial Diversity / Health Disparities Research / Public Health Education

Jonathan Jackson, PhD is a cognitive neuroscientist on faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital via Harvard Medical School, investigating the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), particularly in the absence of overt memory problems. He also serves on Massachusetts General Hospital’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC), specializing in identifying and overcoming barriers to clinical research for people and communities of color. His research focuses on midlife and late-life health disparities in clinical settings that affect Black populations, relevant to both dementia and oncology research. He has become a well-known MGH representative to communities of color and dozens of affiliated organizations, particularly regarding clinical research. Dr. Jackson serves on the leadership team of several organizations focused on community health, as well as local, statewide, and national advisory groups for AD. He has appeared on NPR’s The Pulse.


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