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Paula Rice

Manager of African American Outreach

Alzheimer's Association

FILED UNDER:Alzheimer's social services

Ms. Rice’ relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association of New York City spans 15 years: first as a client and full-time caregiver for a Mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; second as a member of the association’s Speakers Bureau and lastly as the current Manager of African American Outreach. In her position as Manager, Ms. Rice’ goal is to educate the AA community about risk factors, warning signs and the importance of early detection. She gives presentations at senior centers, public libraries, NYCHA and faith-based congregations, throughout the five boroughs regarding the disproportionate risks of Alzheimer’s disease among African Americans. She also collaborates with health organizations to develop workshops and seminars in the community and also helps identify support services for persons in the community who think they or their loved one may have the disease. Part of these support efforts includes leading two caregiver support groups in Harlem and Queens.